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from Uncyclopedia founder Oscar Wilde

Uncyclopedia: The Content-Free Encyclopedia

Uncyclopedia is a website that parodies Wikipedia. Its logo, a hollow “puzzle potato”, parodies Wikipedia’s globe puzzle logo,and it styles itself “the content-free encyclopedia”, parodying Wikipedia’s slogan of “the free encyclopedia.” Founded in 2005 as an English-language wiki, the project spans over 75 languages as well as several subprojects parodying other wikis. The English version has approximately 35,000 pages of content, second only to the Portuguese. Various styles of humor are used as a vehicle for parody, from pointed satire to light sarcasm, along with structured in-jokes and frequent non sequiturs. The site
has attracted media attention for its articles on controversial subjects including religion, prominent people, places, politics, and pseudoscience. Many Uncyclopedia articles contain graphics with a link to the corresponding Wikipedia article. A typical caption reads, "For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article about [subject in question]." Some also have a link to the corresponding Conservapedia article. A typical caption for one of these is "The faux patriot snake handlers at Conservapedia have an even funnier article about [subject in question]".